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Tech Client

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We are the acoustic designers for world’s biggest technology company and have been bringing their signature voice to life in all their spaces in New York City, including 111 Eighth Avenue and Chelsea Market. Paramount to our client is balancing their open workspace, while placing a high value on boundaries, privacy, and comfort. Designing eclectic space types, ranging from open plan office, huddle/meeting spaces, Tech Talk areas, phone rooms, and various nooks & crannies is a balancing act that, creating an interesting mix of acoustical challenges.

Signature Solution: 111 Eighth Avenue began as a gritty and industrial Port Authority facility, with truck pits and noisy mechanical equipment. In its second life, this building became a carrier hotel for internet businesses, housing miles of complex cabling and even larger, noisier cooling systems. Now it its 3rd evolution, our client has been claiming more spaces throughout the building, albeit the noisy data center equipment remains. Cerami has helped them navigate the acoustical challenges of the building, while maintaining the high level of comfort expected by their hustling and bustling workforce.

There’s always a buzz surrounding this giant search company, as they continue to expand their footprint in Chelsea. Fortunately, there is just the right amount of buzz inside.

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