Trading Floor
New York City

Trading Floor

We design the way trading floors trade up

A continuous humming noise was impacting the trading floor for a major financial firm. The humming noise caused many complaints and led to temporary relocation of staff to avoid exposure to the sound.

Signature Solution: Cerami’s Site Assessment team located the problem. A major mechanical floor of the building was adjacent to the floor impacted by the noise. The droning noise was determined to be due to vibration from large pumps. Because of the complexity and configuration of the mechanical room and equipment, Cerami determined that it would be extremely difficult to pinpoint and resolve all potential sources of vibration transfer into the structure. As an alternative, Cerami recommended that VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) be implemented to reduce pump operational speeds during most conditions, ultimately reducing noise exposure. The issue is now resolved, and the floor is fully occupied with no complaints.

“Implementation of the VFD’s likely saved millions of dollars in retrofit costs and withheld lease payments. VFD’s don’t work for every problem like this, but for this particular case, we knew it would be the best strategy.”
– Facility Manager