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The new Comcast Technology Center is a rare mega project that speaks directly to its hometown, making it accessible to the public and casting Comcast in a whole new light. As the technology consultants to this tech company, handling all their communication technology, as well as the acoustic design, we helped sync their HQ to the rhythms of Philadelphia and their network to the world.

With Cerami’s visioning capabilities, we set up new campus standards for hundreds of conference and collaboration spaces that we equipped with communications technology. This included 60 miles of fiber optic cabling, more than 1100 wireless access points and communications technology for 900,000 square feet of workspace, NBC10 studio, showcase floor, café, fitness center, and incubator spaces. We also were the master planners of their campus security.

Signature Solution: The Comcast tower has gained acclaim for the numerous public spaces that are woven through the building. In particular, the enormous townhall and showcase floor. Cerami designed this amphitheater-style event space for ultimate transformation. In less than 60 seconds, with just a push of a button, the event space converts to a 10,000-foot DCI-compliant Dolby Atmos Surround screening space. Already, it’s been used for political debates, film screenings and new product introductions.

Liberty Property Trust and Comcast

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Foster & Partners with Kendall/Heaton Associates (Core and Shell Architects)
Foster & Partners, Gensler, and Daroff Design Inc. (Interior Finish Design Architects)

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