Mixed-Use Building
New York

Mixed-Use Building

We design the way landlords keep the peace…and quiet.

At first, tenants at a NYC residential building were excited that a famous gourmet market was coming to their lobby. That was, until the sound of the refrigerators hummed all night.

Signature Solution: Like trying to find a needle in a haystack, we used sound and vibration analysis to identify what was causing the ruckus and keeping the tenants up at night. The call to Cerami Site Assessments came in after the refrigeration installer failed to rectify the situation, despite having installed ineffective vibration isolation. Ultimately, we found it was due to use of inappropriate vibration isolators and numerous connections short-circuiting the isolation. We then prioritized what needed to be addressed and periodically monitored improvement of each step of the remediation. The problem was rectified, and we saved our client further distress by minimizing the need to shut down power to the refrigeration equipment and having to relocate large amounts of food product.

“We felt confident we could find a solution to the fridge problem before tempers got even hotter.”
– Albert, Partner, Cerami Associates