We design the way airport acoustics become first class for everyone

Cerami steered the acoustic design for the overhaul of Concourse B at LaGuardia Airport, a $4 billion renovation replacing dated stainless-steel columns and low ceilings with a vast, light-filled concourse dotted with trees and soaring 55-foot ceilings. LaGuardia is now a beacon of light in 21st century development, with acoustics that are designed to create a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Our mission from the Port Authority of New York was resolute: make the customer feel better. Design the concourse, terminals, pedestrian bridge, ticketing gates, and headhouse, so they are as welcoming as possible, reduce the stress of flying for passengers and create a calm environment for airport staff. Then, translate this inviting feeling throughout the entire airport, down to baggage claim and into the TSA offices. Ready for take off – and we invite you to come and hear what ease sounds like.

Signature Solution: The new pedestrian bridge has airplanes taxiing right underneath it – and while it’s a very cool architectural feature, no one wants to hear the roar of engines. We took to the airfields to ascertain just the right glass to block out sound. Cerami established criteria and specific calculations, collaborated tirelessly with the structural engineers, and spent five years to get it just right.


Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

“Finally an airport worthy of the state of New York”
– NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo