Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation

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Cerami is proud to have preserved, through acoustics and seamless technology, what Ada Louis Huxtable deemed in 1967, a “civic gesture of beauty and excellence.”

When The Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, a New York Landmark, wanted to expand its outreach efforts and create the space that embodied its heroic mission, we jumped in to help them establish functional spaces ready for the future, but with a look and feel of the familiar. With a goal of making the campus a welcoming experience for visitors and a secure environment for staff, Cerami provided robust technology and acoustic solutions to support the Foundation’s varied needs. We developed a seamless workplace, creating unique audiovisual solutions for the auditorium, and numerous event production-enabled spaces – from the iconic atrium to the largely open-plan workspace. We designed broadcast-capable camera and sound systems to support expanded convening spaces, as well as to ensure stellar acoustical performance throughout all areas of the facility.

Signature Solution: Given the frequency of dignitaries and government officials (Madeleine Albright was there last time we checked in) who visit the Ford Foundation, Cerami set up multiple layers of security that blend in with the architecture of this iconic landmark building. We provided an elevated level of security while maintaining a welcoming and open feel for employees and visitors. Visitors enter through easy advance registration and QR-coded credentials.

Ford Foundation

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